Work Faster with Keystrokes on Windows and Mac

It’s surprising to me how many people who spend a considerable time in front of a computer (don’t we all these days) rarely if ever use keystrokes. It might be the #1 habit (maybe #2 after getting them to switch to Firefox or anything but IE) that I would break in most computer users. If…

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5 CSS Tips for Cross Browser Compatibility


Despite the fact that the death of IE6 is upon us getting CSS based websites to work across browser is still a dirty job, so much so I sometimes with Mike Rowe would cover it as a gag episode. Even when IE6 finally does die, there are still issues to be had with IE7+ vs.…

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Anatomy of an HTML Tag

This article is intended for anyone who needs or wants a simple primer on HTML. If you know HTML at all this will be too remedial for you but if you don’t this will help you understand the basics and provide you with a foundation for more research. The only assumptions I make in this…

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