Building The Ultimate Website Content Map Pt.1

content map

When building a new website (or rebuilding one) it’s a common mistake to begin with design. Rather, I recommend starting with content, which is the foundation of your site, and the reason people will visit. Whether your site is informational, commerce-driven, entertaining, or serves some other purpose, content is what brings people to you. The…

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Own Your Website Or Someone Else Will


Own your content, your domain name, your links. In fact, Own Everything I have worked with a number of clients that didn’t own their domain names, hosting account, and in some cases didn’t even know their credentials. Many of you don’t own your own content or assets related to your online presence, and that’s a HUGE mistake. While…

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A Basic Explanation of WordPress Taxonomies


Over the last week or so I’ve started playing intensely with custom taxonomies in WordPress,  and the geek in me is in love with the possibilities. Now, before you go running off thinking this is only hardcore “geek stuff” let me explain what taxonomies are, why they are important and provide a basic example of…

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Page Navigation in WordPress – Using Sort Order

The following video provides an explanation on how to use sort order so that you get a scalable and organized approach to managing your navigation in WordPress. While geared at WordPress sites, this approach should work for any content management system that provides an automated or semi-automated way of creating navigation. This tutorial assumes that…

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