How to Use Technology to Enhance the Offline Customer Experience

How to Use Technology to Enhance the Offline Customer Experience

Connecting the online and offline worlds is the holy grail for brick and mortar businesses. We’re going to see how Denver based Spruce is doing it right.

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Taylor Romero likes to tinker, but he’s always doing so in a way that makes whatever he’s doing more efficient and more fun. So when he and his wife started men’s style consultancy, barber, and clothier Spruce in Denver, it was the perfect playground for Taylor’s tinkering.

You’ve never seen a business connect the online and offline world as beautifully this.

In this 33-minute episode Taylor and I discuss:

  • Using technology to create a customized experience in the offline world
  • Tying online and offline together
  • How Spruce uses customer feedback to drive changes in products and services
  • Reducing wait times and the time to answer questions
  • Why Taylor doesn’t build products around specifications
  • Why Spruce went with mobile-web and not a native app
  • Using mobile technology to cross-sell in store
  • Creating employee schedules that maximize efficiency

Listen to Technology Translated below …


The Show Notes

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