Delight Your Customers By Imagineering Your Business


The word “experience” gets overused but the concept is worth paying attention to. Last weekend I was watching a special on the creation of Black Spire Outpost, Disney’s new Star Wars destination. It got me thinking about the lengths Disney Imagineers go to when creating an experience for guests. It’s not only the incredible detail.…

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How To Know If You Have A Million-Dollar Business Idea


Every one-person business idea I have has to have the potential to reach $1 million a year in revenue. If it doesn’t I move on to the next idea. Why $1 million? After expenses and taxes, the business has to provide me enough income to justify the effort. The more I make the higher that…

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5 Ways To Come Up With Business Ideas That Are Right For You


Every journey has a beginning. In the world of entrepreneurship, that beginning is usually an idea. For this newsletter, we’re starting at that beginning and each week we’ll take the next step along our journey. Over the next few weeks we’ll: Organize and qualify our business ideas Figure out what to name the business we…

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