3 Strategies for Using Curated Content


Content curation is a popular way to build an audience by providing value, without having to create as much content yourself. Anyone can search Google for what they are looking for. But Google doesn’t add context or insight. The idea behind search engines is that the highest quality content will rise to the top of…

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Master The Magic Of Clear Writing

I recently sat in on a presentation from Brene Brown and she said something that stood out to me: Clarity is kindness. ~ Brene Brown When it comes to writing, there are a lot of reasons to strive for clarity. Among them are: comprehension retention and action. I’d never thought about the fact that it’s…

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Easy Ways to Know Your Email Audience in Detail with Brennan Dunn


Brennan Dunn is the founder of RightMessage and Create & Sell, which includes his Mastering Convert Kit course. Brennan is an expert at audience segmentation, personalization, and the use of email as a marketing tool. Through that experience, Brennan has developed clever ways of getting to know the email audience you already have. It’s time…

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How To Know Who Your Ideal Customer Really Is

This week we’re tackling a very tactical topic by way of request from a Rogue Mogul subscriber. I want your question and ideas so I can be sure we’re answering the questions you have. Don’t be afraid to reply to this email and let me know what questions you have. The question asked is: “The…

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