How To Find Arresting Images For Your Website


Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels Every time you write a post, it’s the same thing. Hours spent writing, revising, and editing. You write multiple drafts, craft the perfect headline, write a great opening, and then… after all that… you still have to find a killer image to compliment the story. Fortunately, there are some…

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Easily Resize Images for the Web and Email

Multimedia is all over the web now and video in particular is catching on but for most of us, images will are the most common form of media we’ll add to our websites.  Despite how frequently they are used one thing a lot of people don’t do is appropriately re-size images for their site or…

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Flickr, Search Engine Optimization and Your Images

magic kingdom castle fireworks

I love pictures and as an avid photographer and all-around web guy I’ve loving seeing the incredible images people capture, though it matters little if your awesome pictures can’t be found. On the web as elsewhere, pictures help to tell the story, as well as visually break up your writing making it easier on the…

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