Easy Ways to Know Your Email Audience in Detail with Brennan Dunn


Brennan Dunn is the founder of RightMessage and Create & Sell, which includes his Mastering Convert Kit course.

Brennan is an expert at audience segmentation, personalization, and the use of email as a marketing tool.

Through that experience, Brennan has developed clever ways of getting to know the email audience you already have.

It’s time to take email personalization past just dropping their first name in the opening of your emails.

When you get to know your audience you’ll be empowered to speak to them in the language they speak.

That means more people opening your email, reading it, and clicking on links.

It also means more sales.

In this video we explore:

  • How Brennan goes about getting information about subscribers.
  • Better ways of measuring engagement.
  • Recommendations on how to personalize your email broadcasts.

Show notes and highlights:

  • 01:54 Apple starts blocking tracking pixels and what to do about it
  • 03:44 What to be careful of when scrubbing your email list
  • 04:50 How to get to know the people on your list
  • 07:30 Using email as a one-click survey and segmentation tool – Getting demographics and psychographics
  • 08:55 Start customizing your newsletter content for different audiences
  • 15:13 Does the size of your list matter for segmentation? And what to do when you have a small list.
  • 19:00 Tags vs custom fields and how to use them in segmentation
  • 20:52 Which custom fields to start with
  • 26:06 How many versions of a newsletter you have to create for customization, and how Brennan does it.

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