How To Use Split-Testing To Move Your Customer To Action

Technology Translated
How To Use Split-Testing To Move Your Customer To Action

Split-testing (also known as A/B testing) is a tried and true way to discovering what moves your customers to act.

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Joanna Wiebe is a well-known copywriting and conversion optimization expert.

She’s here to help us better understand what split-testing is, how to use it, when not to use it, what to test, and other things you should be thinking about when it comes to optimizing your site.

In this 48-minute episode Joanna and I discuss:

  • What is split-testing
  • Where to get started split-testing
  • Why to split-test
  • How much traffic you need to effectively test
  • Tools to help your split-testing
  • Alternate ways to improve conversion that, and what they are
  • Why split-testing isn’t always the answer
  • What to look for in your testing beyond just conversion rates

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