How One WordPress Migration Plugin Has Saved Us Thousands of Dollars


If migrate WordPress websites you’ve likely run into strange behavior. You’ve also likely spent hours troubleshooting and manually rebuilding things. And all those hours over a year can add up to thousands of dollars worth of time. Earlier this month, my team ran into a strange issue during a WordPress migration from our dev environment to…

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Learn WordPress – Educational Resource Smackdown


When it comes to WordPress, not all educational resources are created equal. I’ve gone through a lot of them over the last few years and landed on four formal training resources that have provided me with the most consistent benefit. If you want to learn WordPress, look no further: Now, let’s…

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How To Add Author Tracking In Google Analytics To Your WordPress Website

author collage

We often work on media sites that have several authors, and the one essential statistic they all want to be able to track is author performance.  Example sites we’ve worked on that have that need include: GeekBeat Lifestyle Frisco The Imaginative Conservative Earth911 The standard configuration of Google Analytics doesn’t have author tracking.  However, they do allow customization of the…

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Building The Ultimate Website Content Map Pt.1

content map

When building a new website (or rebuilding one) it’s a common mistake to begin with design. Rather, I recommend starting with content, which is the foundation of your site, and the reason people will visit. Whether your site is informational, commerce-driven, entertaining, or serves some other purpose, content is what brings people to you. The…

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WP Engine – Rock Solid WordPress Hosting

As has continued to grow the need for a very solid hosting platform has become increasingly important. After maintaining my own server for a few years, and not being particularly good at it, I started looking around for managed hosting. About that time, friend Aaron Brazel started work with a specialized WordPress host, Austin…

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