29 Awesome Things You Can Do In Mightybell

Mighty Bell is now Mighty Networks but you may still get some good ideas from here.

If you’re not already familiar with Mightybell head over and check it out. It’s a social network unlike any other you’ve seen. The idea behind Mightybell is to bring intimate groups of people together around interests, passions and goals.  Inside a Mightybell space you can add posts, pictures, video, leave comments, add calendar events and more. For coordinating groups around an activity it’s fantastic and I love where it’s going.

Here are 29 ideas for Mightybell spaces:

Note: the list started with 29 but I’m adding as we go, you can follow some of the discussion on Mightybell.

Latest update 2/25/2013.

  1. Create your bucket list: Collect images and videos of the things you want to do an places you want to go. I also coordinate with a friend whom  I share a lot of bucket list items with so we can plan to do some of them together. This is way more fun than a piece of paper!
  2. Start a book club: One of the more common ideas, invite members of a book club and use Mightybell to share discussion, notes, etc… helps people that can’t always be there in real life to stay connected with the group.
  3. Organize a class: If you’re a teacher (formal or not) use Mightybell to share class notes and interact with students or post extra materials.
  4. Coordinate a study group: For students, get your class together and share notes, ideas, images and more to help each other out.
  5. Organize travel plans: Use Mightybell to share travel plans, link to maps, share images of the destination or coordinate itineraries  After the trip share images and videos or link out to your other collections on Flickr, YouTube, etc…
  6. Organize a wedding: Mightybell is awesome for working with wedding coordinators & decorator for sharing/approving images of decorations, clothing, adding items to a menu. It’s also a great way to share hotel, logistics and other information with guests. After the wedding guests can come back to share images, memories, video’s and their well wishes to the happy couple.
  7. Share recipes & meal ideasRecipes with pictures! Others can leave their recipe modifications in the comments so you get variety.
  8. Collect ideas and brainstorm: Mightybell is great for group brainstorming and collecting a whole bunch of ideas. Use categories to keep things organized.
  9. Share local/travel “Must Do” lists: Are you an expert in your area about what to do? Share your ideas and keep track of them as you discover new ones. Mightybell makes the discovery experience visual and you can use categories to help people find things of interest to them.
  10. Redecorate a roomCollect images of furniture, room layouts, color palettes, fabrics and more to decorate your ultimate room.
  11. Coordinate event/party planning: Keep all of your logistics info, schedules, catering plans, activity ideas and more for your next party. Be sure to include links of where to buy the things you find.
  12. Organize a video production: For one off video projects keep & coordinate on your script, grab images or videos as examples of what you want to accomplish, links to promotional sources and get feedback on clips and edits. You can also plan your shooting schedules and coordinate with crew and talent.
  13. Coordinate a special Interest group: Want to change one thing about the world? Use Mightybell to organize people around your topic and give them a platform to connect on with others who share the mission.
  14. Keep Your Gift List: Mightybell makes an awesome visual Gift list. Use the Mightybell bookmarklet to easy grab things as you come across them and add them to your Gift space, whether is stuff for you or things you want to buy for others. I keep two spaces, one for “me” I can share with family and one for things I might buy for other people so I can keep it private!
  15. Tell a group story: Get your friends (virtual or “real-life”) together and tell a story. Have each person write a paragraph or page then hand it off to the next to see what happens. Use images and video’s for additional creative inspiration.
  16. Organize a camping trip or adventure: Camping means logistics and planning. Keep track of all of the things you need for your particular camping trip so you don’t forget anything. Leave info on where you’ll be and when you’ll be back. Help others going with you to know how to prepare for that trip. Share images, videos and memories after.
  17. Keep track of your SCUBA trips: Use Mightybell keep track of every dive trip (doesn’t replace your official log) with pictures, video, maps, dive times and depths and who was with you. It’s also a great way to share a particular dive trip with a group.
  18. Coordinate a lunch or supper club: Keep a list of location ideas or coordinate who’s bringing what when you dine in. Don’t forget to share those foodie pictures after every meal!
  19. Run a wine tasting: Keep a visual list of the wines you’re tasting and have guests contribute their tasting notes. If you want to make it a blind tasting, have them add their notes and use a placeholder image for each wine so they don’t really know what it is.
  20. Organize a scavenger hunt: I’m sure some of you can get much more creative than I can here but keep a visual reference of items to be found and drop hints as different posts. When someone finds an item have them take and upload a picture or video to prove it. The first one to find it all wins!
  21. Manage a team building exercise: Corporate outing? Keep a running list of team building exercises you can do and when you do them add the names of those who participate. Have participants add their thoughts on the experience so the outings get better (and more fun) every time.
  22. Maintain a topical discussion group: Is there a topic you’re just passionate about, something you love to discuss whether you’re an expert or not. Form a group and just share links, ideas, pictures and thoughts with others who are interested, no matter how informal it may be.
  23. Organize a neighborhood space: Start a private group for your neighborhood where people can discuss neighborhood issues, coordinate HOA issues and connect with neighbors.
  24. Form a topical Q&A or FAQ: Are you an expert or want to be? Form a space that allows people to ask you (and each other) questions which can include images, video, tips, tricks, links and anything else you can think of. Turn that space into a resource to build your authority and expertise or research what people are really struggling with you can provide the problem.
  25. Record A Road Trip: Capture video, pictures and your road trip route. Invite your car-mates to add their thoughts and commentary as you build memories together and see things you wouldn’t if you were flying overhead.
  26. Create a family history space: Got some old family pics? Upload them and get other family members to chime in and add history about the image or people in it. Get family members to validate info in the pics (or old movies if you have them digitized). Keep it all for future generations!
  27. Collect and organize research: Whether it’s writing the blog post of a century, book or paper, keep and collect research on your subject. Include references, quotes, links, images, maps, scanned documents, … you could even invite collaborators to comment and add information.
  28. Create a collection of things that scare you: What better way to overcome the things that scare you than to confront them. Invite others to participate and discuss how they overcame their fears.
  29. Organize an interview: Planning an interview with someone for research, promotion or general interest. Collect thoughts, questions, gather information about the person your interviewing, have them upload and share pictures they like to use or relevant logos and artwork. You can even have them answer written questions right there.
  30. Photo Essays: For kids, this is often “what I ate today” (taking a picture of each meal), or “my walk to school,” etc!
  31. Personal or learning journal
  32. Fan sites (music/bands, authors, celebrities, etc.)
  33. Life celebrations — e.g. where everyone writes a letter or remembers a story about someone, for a birthday, funeral or other life event

I’m sure you can think of a million ways to use Mightybell so leave your ideas in the comments below or better yet, start your own Mightybell space and then leave a link to it in the comments (don’t forget to tell us what it’s about).


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    […] or a class. A terrific list of awesome uses for Mightybell collected by +Scott Ellis is here: https://vsellis.com/29-awesome-things-you-can-do-in-mightybell. I’ve been thinking lately that it might be really good for personal learning journals, and […]

  2. Carlos Alfonso Sanchez Leyton on February 20, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Es un programa que no solamente organiza nuestras actividades diarias, si no la vida…It is a program that not only organizes daily activities, if not life…felicitaciones y gracias por compartirlo…congratulations and thanks for sharing

  3. Scott Ellis on February 20, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Steve Hargadon added a couple suggestions as well on the Mightybell site.

    His ideas included:

    • Personal or learning journal
    • Fan sites (music/bands, authors, celebrities, etc.)
    • Life celebrations — e.g. where everyone writes a letter or remembers a story about someone, for a birthday, funeral or other life event
  4. Anthimos Georgiou on November 11, 2016 at 2:39 am

    I have created a Gastronomy Network, where you can find information about food, wine, restaurants, hotels and so many other topics regarding Gastronomy! The link is https://gastronomy.mightybell.com/ so I’d love for you to join me in Gastronomy, our network where we can share our tips, tricks and stories.

    See you there!

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