How To Find Arresting Images For Your Website


Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels Every time you write a post, it’s the same thing. Hours spent writing, revising, and editing. You write multiple drafts, craft the perfect headline, write a great opening, and then… after all that… you still have to find a killer image to compliment the story. Fortunately, there are some…

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House Of Cards Number One Rule For Dominating Your Niche

frank underwood house of cards

You started a blog and thought it would make money. Perhaps you started it to drive traffic to your business but found out that was harder than you thought. Maybe you kept fighting. Maybe you gave up. Or like most, you kept writing… occasionally. Perhaps you’re at that breaking point now. If so, don’t give up.…

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7 Tips To Manage Strategic Alliances for Small Business

When I left Corporate America my principal job was managing strategic alliances and I learned a lot of lessons which apply to the small and medium business market. Most businesses can benefit from strategic alliances but they have to be managed carefully. I would go so far as to say that most businesses should have…

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The Secret of Building Successful Business Relationships

Every business owner can tell you the importance of differentiating your business. In social media circles, we talk about “building relationships” and “building trust.” We know doing those things will rock our business but we get stuck on the “how.” And execution is what really matters. The one way sure way to do all of the…

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